Honduras Hosts Summit for Narcocommunism

São Paulo Forum Gathers in Tegucigalpa for Political Subversion, Organized Crime

Honduras Summit

A potential victory by Donald Trump, with a strong stance against Russia, China, and Iran, terrifies the FSP. (Foro de São Paulo)

La versión en español se publicó en El Debate

By Hermann Terstch

In Brussels, the European Union’s oligarchy is blatantly ignoring the popular will by imposing Ursula von der Leyen as president of the European Commission, backed by a leftist coalition. This is not the only location hosting an antidemocratic event these days.

Media coverage has largely celebrated the Popular European Party’s (PEP) betrayal of the conservative shift in the EU elections. By forming a new coalition with the left—the election’s losers—the PEP aims to continue the policies of the past five years, despite their disastrous results. Hopefully, this will prompt a massive reaction from national, sovereignist, and genuinely conservative forces, which may include dissenters within the PEP.

Meanwhile, far from Brussels, the São Paulo Forum (SPF) summit concluded on June 29, 2024, in Honduras. This summit gathered dictators, communist regimes, allegedly progressive governments, aspiring tyrants, terrorists, subversive groups, cartel leaders, and NGOs supporting communist movements and organized crime in Latin America. The event included the SPF, the Puebla Group, and Progressive International—the North American chapter of the SPF—and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). It seeks to impose its ideological priorities on Ibero-American alliances outside of the Organization of American States (OAS).

Notable attendees included criminals Nicolás Maduro and Daniel Ortega, as well as José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, advisor to the Venezuelan regime and Spanish President Pedro Sánchez. Also present were Andrés Manuel López Obrador, an expert in governing drug cartels, and his apprentice Gustavo Petro, along with Evo Morales, Ernesto Samper, and Rafael Correa. These individuals are part of the multinational narcocommunist franchises influencing European and Ibero-American politics.

The Madrid Forum condemned this meeting as a significant event aimed at coordinating forces against the liberty movement sparked by Javier Milei’s victory in Argentina. The meeting also addressed concerns about losing the Joe Biden administration, which has allied with totalitarian and narcocommunist forces. A potential victory by Donald Trump—with his strong stance against Russian, Chinese, and Iranian influence in the Americas—terrifies SPF headquarters in Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil.

The summit commemorated the 15th anniversary of former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya’s removal. Zelaya, husband of the current president, tried to hold onto power in 2009 through an illegal constitutional amendment—under Hugo Chávez’s orders. SPF members are pushing a false narrative that portrays Zelaya as a victim of a coup, although he was ousted for violating constitutional order.

The summit in Tegucigalpa attracted hundreds of socialist and communist advocates from both sides of the Atlantic, many implicated in crimes ranging from corruption and drug trafficking to kidnapping, rape, and murder. Progressive International, cofounded by Bernie Sanders, had a strong presence—aiming to legitimize tyrannies in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua and paving the way for new regimes opposed to liberty, fundamental rights, and national sovereignty. The radicalization of the North American left has been pivotal in supporting narcocommunist regimes and the strategic penetration of Russia, China, and Iran, posing a massive threat to the United States. Consequently, a significant portion of the Democratic Party has become a pillar supporting the main enemies of the United States.

Translated by the Impunity Observer. 

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