Can the Javier Milei Liberalization Prevail?

Socialist Sergio Massa Shocks Pollsters, Faces Paleolibertarian in Runoff

Can the Javier Milei liberalization prevail? Adam Dubove explains that Javier Milei can still beat Peronista Sergio Massa in the runoff.

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Adam Dubove—cofounder and director of financial consulting firm Ichimoku Fibonacci—explains that Javier Milei can still beat Peronista Sergio Massa in the runoff. However, he predicts the results will be tight. Further, he contends that the incumbent Peronista government made an elaborate effort to undermine Milei’s candidacy through negative propaganda against the paleolibertarian through media allies and state-owned companies such as Argentine Railways.

For Dubove, the Together for Change coalition, which he describes as the mainstream opposition, will be divided over whom they will support in the runoff. In addition, Dubove explains that if Milei wins the presidency, he will have to negotiate in Congress to pass his bills since he does not have a majority in the legislature.

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Fergus Hodgson

Publisher: Fergus Hodgson is the director of Econ Americas, a financial and economic consultancy. He holds an MBA in finance from Rice University and bachelor’s degrees in economics and political science from Boston University and the University of Waikato. He was the founding editor in chief of the PanAm Post. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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