Guatemala Judiciary

Articles on Guatemala’s Judiciary and the United States

Abbreviations and people:

CC: Guatemala’s Constitutional Court
Robinson: former US Ambassador Todd Robinson 2014–2017
Arreaga: former US Ambassador Luis Arreaga 2017–2020
Porras: Gloria Porras, magistrate Robinson forced onto the CC
DOS: US Department of State
AmCham: American Chamber of Commerce of Guatemala
CICIG: UN-created International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala
Aifán: judge Erika Aifán, promoted by the DOS and Arreaga, works closely with Porras

  • Is Guatemala’s Attorney General a Woman of Courage or Compliance?Daily Caller (April 4, 2016): Former Attorney General Thelma Aldana continued persecution of military veterans in the Sepur Zarco trial. Presiding Judge Yassmin Barrios committed illegalities in the trial. She had illegally issued a guilty verdict, later reversed, in the Ríos Montt genocide case.
  • Obama’s Apparatchik Still Runs Riot in Guatemala,” Impunity Observer (January 23, 2017): The DOS, Robinson, and the CICIG tried to change Guatemala’s Constitution to ensure continuing guerrilla successor control of the country’s judiciary and criminal prosecution.
  • AmCham Demands Guarantees for Foreign Investment,” Impunity Observer (February 22, 2017): AmCham issued a statement about the CC illegally suspending a hydroelectric plant from operating and the extensive economic damages that could ensue.
  • Secretary Kelly and the Trump Team Can Beat Sex Trafficking,” Daily Caller (May 10, 2017): The Obama policy was to impose guerrilla successors on Guatemala’s three branches of government. The Sepur Zarco case against military veterans was based on falsified evidence and violations of due process.
  • Where to Place the Crosshairs in the War on Drugs,” Daily Caller (July 31, 2017): Obama policy exacerbated illegal flow to the United States. Control of the CC is critical. Robinson threatened CC magistrates to obtain the rulings he wanted.
  • A New Bill of Rights and Expectations for Guatemala,” Impunity Observer (December 29, 2017): Originally published by OpsLens, the page is no longer available on the site. The Impunity Observer republished it. From the section on Guatemalan courts: “A review of public records and transcripts indicate that the courts are rampant with arbitrary rulings and selective prosecution that favors the extreme leftist clients and agenda.”
  • Bitkov Case Scratches the Surface of CICIG Misdeeds,” Impunity Observer (May 15, 2018): A Helsinki Commission hearing on the Putin-persecuted Bitkov family exposed the CICIG as criminal. It coordinated with Porras to “incarcerate and intimidate political opponents.”
  • Guatemalan Judiciary Continues Putin’s Dirty Work,” Impunity Observer (August 4, 2020): The judiciary illegally sentenced Irina and Anastasia Bitkov to 14 years in prison, showing the illegal conspiracy between the CC and US embassy favorite judge Aifán. Persecution of the Bitkovs continues with gross violations of due process. The current environment precludes the law being properly applied to the Bitkovs. Their fate rests on establishing rule of law in Guatemala.
  • CICIG and the Rule of Law: Soviet Show-Trials in the Americas,” Liga Pro-Patria (April 25, 2018): This report is part of the Helsinki Commission’s record of the Bitkov hearing (April 27, 2018). Judge Aifán violates attorney Moisés Galindo’s rights in multiple ways. This could not happen without CC support. Three and a half years later, the prosecution has not presented evidence to the defense, and the CC denies habeas corpus.
  • An American Stuck in Jail for Years, Thanks to the State Department,” Impunity Observer (July 26, 2018): Embassy perfidy includes denying rights to US citizens. While this does not mention the judiciary, without its violations of law and the Constitution, Anthony Segura would not have spent even one day in preventive detention without trial instead of four years.
  • US Citizen Held Hostage in Guatemala,” Impunity Observer (January 2, 2019): Open letter from Anthony Segura about judicial abuses against him to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
  • The Globalist Show of Power Is a Show of Weakness,” Impunity Observer (July 26, 2018): A court accepted a case against a former minister previously acquitted on the same charges. “Only a corrupt, politicized judiciary would accept the baseless and obviously political case.”
  • US Ambassador Flips the Bird at His Boss,” Impunity Observer (November 30, 2018): Arreaga attended an event in contradiction to Trump policy. The forum featured judge Erika Aifán. In an illegal conspiracy with the CC, Aifán continued persecution of the Bitkov family.
  • US-Guatemala Cooperation Plus Border Wall Needed to Cut Illegal Immigration,” Fox News (March 13, 2019): “Obama imposed guerrilla-successor allies in key Guatemalan government positions. They protect illegal armed gangs that force rural populations to participate in their criminal activities, including destroying businesses, invading private property, and denying police access to their area.”
  • Silence on the Harm to Guatemala and US Interests,” Washington Times (June 12, 2019): AmCham criticized CC closing hydroelectric plants at behest of guerrilla successors. AmCham said, “We are in a period of radical ideological movements by social-conflict groups, with distortions and open opposition to any investment project, that do not show they legitimately or democratically represent the communities.”
  • How Trump Can Defeat Democrats on Illegal Immigration,” Impunity Observer (July 10, 2019): The DOS and Democrats supported the CC, which was instrumental in fixing the first round of the 2019 presidential election.
  • Deep State Winning, United States Losing Guatemala Election,” Impunity Observer (July 15, 2019): Many Democrats have stood by the CC, even as illegal rulings piled up. Breaking socialist CC control would have liberated border inhabitants from their oppressors, reducing the flow of illegal migrants and drugs to the United States.
  • Democrats Subvert Guatemala for Anti-US Agenda,” Impunity Observer (August 7, 2019): The CC protects successors to the Fidel Castro-supported guerrilla, who promote open borders. Trump’s asylum agreement with Guatemala threatened Democrats’ agenda by reducing the flow of illegal immigrants. Trump could have closed the deal by working with Morales to apply the law to the corrupt CC.
  • Rule of Law the Victim of Nancy Pelosi in Guatemala,” Impunity Observer (August 10, 2019): In Guatemala, Pelosi praised judges she says fight corruption. Pelosi was photographed between judges Yassmin Barrios and Erika Aifán, both with public histories of rulings in violation of the law and defendants’ constitutional rights.
  • How Guatemala’s Asylum Agreement Can Help Trump’s Reelection,Washington Times (August 15, 2019): After Trump threatened tariffs, visa restrictions, and fees on remittances, Guatemala signed the asylum agreement. Although lacking authority, the CC would normally annul the agreement, but that would have brought Trump’s wrath. The resulting attention would reveal the CC’s long history of illegal, political rulings. The agreement stood.
  • The Deep-State Swamp Has Submerged Guatemala,” Impunity Observer (October 24, 2019): With threats of imprisonment and visa revocation, Robinson forced his socialist allies onto the CC. The Robinson court perfected the Obama-Biden policy of protecting radical collectivists from prosecution and persecuting legitimate authorities for trying to apply the law. Robinson’s successor, Luis Arreaga, continued the policy.
  • High Court the Enemy of Guatemala’s Development,” Impunity Observer (November 5, 2019): The CC is voiding the country’s Constitution its magistrates have sworn to uphold. The CC has subordinated the legislative and executive branches through illegal rulings and placed its three-magistrate majority above the law by squashing actions to confront its lawlessness. The CC violates human rights, decreases economic opportunity, and increases narcotics smuggling and illegal migration to the United States.
  • White House Delegation Underlines Importance of Guatemala,” Impunity Observer (January 13, 2020): The presence of Ambassador Arreaga overshadowed the positive message of the Trump delegation to the inauguration of President Alejandro Giammattei. Arreaga had used the CC to undermine Trump and harm Guatemala and the United States.
  • Guatemalan Constitutional Court Throws Constitution under Bus,” Impunity Observer (March 30, 2020): After the 1996 peace accords, the Fidel Castro-supported guerrilla morphed into NGOs that continued the socialist conquest agenda. Guatemala’s Congress passed a law requiring NGO transparency. Arreaga and the State Department vehemently opposed it. The CC illegally voided the law.
  • Socialist Joe,” Impunity Observer (April 17, 2020): A Biden administration would bring socialism to the United States based on what he had done in Guatemala.
  • Center for the Defense of the Constitution Declaration,” Impunity Observer (June 1, 2020): Cedecom states the 35th anniversary of the Constitution “comes amid the judicial branch’s abnormal extension of its mandate beyond the non-extendable period established by our Constitution [and Cedecom will] continue exposing actions by authorities that deviate from a constrained exercise of power, undermine the Guatemalan Constitution, and are contrary to the nation’s democratic institutionality.”
  • Why Socialists Resort to Slash and Burn,” Impunity Observer (July 13, 2020): The Obama-Biden administration set the stage for revolution in the United States and a socialist regime in Guatemala. Biden bludgeoned Guatemala’s president to extend the CICIG, which the embassy used to control the CC. The CC’s term ends in 2021, and the socialist cabal must retain control to steal the 2023 election. This battle is now occurring.
  • Guatemala’s Constitutional Crisis Explained,” Impunity Observer (July 17, 2020): Consultation with the constitutional attorney and former professor of constitutional law José Luis González about several key issues regarding the CC. González’s lawyerly answers reveal much about the CC.
  • Hecht: An Obama Third Term Is on the Ballot,” BizPac Review (July 22, 2020): I witnessed Obama and Biden imposing the successors of Fidel Castro-supported guerrillas on Guatemala. I saw Obama’s and Biden’s willingness to break any law to achieve their objectives. As they did in Guatemala and as Democrat officials at the state and local levels do now, Biden officials would protect the criminal gangs on our streets and persecute their political opponents.
  • Open Letter: The Truth about Guatemala’s Constitutional Crisis,” Impunity Observer (August 3, 2020): Eleven prominent individuals and 12 civic groups representing more than 1.4 million Guatemalans sent an open letter to Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy requesting an independent study of the issues raised in a letter to Nancy Pelosi from an undemocratic group of Guatemalans. The key issues were the future of the CC and its effects on the United States.
  • Biden’s Radical Revolution: Hidden in Plain Sight,” BizPac Review (August 20, 2020): Biden would do the same to the United States he did to Guatemala. Biden placed allies of the Fidel Castro-supported terrorists in control of criminal prosecution and the judiciary. They persecute legitimate authorities for doing their job. It is little wonder authorities are hesitant to apply the law. Does this sound familiar?
  • Polar-Opposite Election Outcomes: Liberty versus Tyranny,” Epoch Times (October 9, 2020): Without mentioning Guatemala, the author bases this prediction on observations of what Obama and Biden did in Guatemala. Biden denies being a socialist, but his platform and team, including Harris, are socialist through and through.… Biden fomented chaos in Latin America. Millions of immigrants would come to the United States.”
  • Why Obamagate Conspirators Must Face Justice,” Impunity Observer (October 13, 2020): Guatemala must avoid becoming what Biden promotes in Latin America and preserve liberty. “I have written and spoken publicly about Democrats imposing corrupt, arbitrary justice on Guatemala in the name of fighting corruption. Acting as Obama’s point man, Biden orchestrated the takeover of Guatemala’s criminal prosecution and judiciary.”
  • The Democrat Plan to Steal this Election and Many More,” BizPac Review (October 15, 2020): After packing the Supreme Court, Democrats would violate the Constitution and the laws. They would persecute their enemies and impose their policies, just as Biden’s high-court magistrates and allies have done in Guatemala.
  • Florida Campaign Showcases Biden’s Anti-Americanism,” BizPac Review (October 30, 2020): As in Guatemala, an independent judiciary is our defense against corrupt prosecutors. With the executive and judiciary, and a compliant Congress, a socialist one-party state would become reality. The political persecution of enemies subservient to executive power is a hallmark of dictatorship. It is also the Democrat vision for the United States.
  • Why Joe Biden Needs an Army of New Immigrants,” Impunity Observer (December 29, 2020): Trump correctly saw Guatemala as the key to stop the flow of illegal migrants. Biden also sees Guatemala as the key to assure the flow of illegal migrants. Biden co-opted the judiciary and criminal prosecution, which exacerbated unemployment, violence, and migration.
  • Joe Biden’s First Test: How Long Before the Migrant Monsoon?Impunity Observer (January 25, 2021): Insecurity and lack of opportunity have pushed the millions of illegal immigrants now in the United States. Biden exacerbated those conditions when he was the point man for Obama in Central America, and he will exacerbate them even more as president. The current magistrates of the CC have impeded appointments of new magistrates. The guerrilla successors are waiting for their partner Joe Biden to rescue them.
  • Biden Attack on Guatemalan Judiciary Foretells Attack Stateside,” Impunity Observer (February 1, 2021): The Biden regime and its crony-capitalist and media partners are promoting division and repression by illegally targeting political opponents. Those who doubt this need to examine how the regime imposes criminality on an important ally: Guatemala.
  • Joe Biden’s Strategy to Flood the United States with Migrants,” Impunity Observer (March 8, 2021): Biden’s State Department and National Security Council intervene openly in the appointment of CC magistrates for the 2021–2016 term. Guerrilla-successor control of the CC is essential for the Biden agenda. It would guarantee open borders and a continual flow of migrants to the United States.
  • What Biden’s Migrant Monsoon Portends for America,” Epoch Times (March 14, 2021): Biden and his functionaries downplay pull factors and claim they will mitigate push factors in Central America. If Biden succeeds in imposing criminal socialist magistrates on the CC, he will increase the flow of migrants.