Witness Testimonies before Lantos Commission

Hearing on Judicial independence in Central America

June 10 Hearing on Judicial Independence in Central America


  • Rep. Chris Smith: 6:18–17:49
  • José Luis González Dubón: 46:30–52:45, 1:47:13–1:50:31
  • Irina Bitkova: 52:55–1:04:13
  • Rep. Smith & Irina Bitkova: 1:25:48–1:34:21
  • Rep. Smith 2:01:02–2:02:15: “I’m a great believer, and this is why whether it be Natan Sharansky, the great Jewish refuse-nick, or Nelson Mandela, or any other person who has suffered, they are often a tip of the iceberg. So, if there is corruption against the Bitkovs, there is very likely corruption at a whole other lot of levels.”


Additional Testimony of Guatemalan Law Professor José Luis González Dubón

Watch the full clip aired on Vea Canal here.

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