US Ruling Class Want to Face, Defeat Donald Trump

Win-at-All-Costs Strategy Is Devastating Blow to Institutions

Democrats expect these accusations against Trump to enrage Republican voters. (Donald J. Trump)

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The prosecution’s case against former President Donald Trump, which is made up of 34 felony charges for allegedly falsifying business records, will fail in the Manhattan Criminal Court. The real objective behind the accusations against Trump is for him to win the Republican primary but then lose the 2024 presidential election—not for him to go to jail.

Democrats expect these accusations against Trump to enrage Republican voters. This will increase their loyalty toward the former president due to the injustice in court against him. By promoting this, Democrats are making sure Trump wins the Republican primary election.

In case these accusations fail to undermine Trump on the campaign trail, Democrats have other investigations against the former president. Some are federal secrets and others are public. One of the latter is in the hands of the state of Georgia.

Democrats want to compete against Trump in 2024. They are convinced they can count on votes against him—as opposed to for their own candidate—as they did in the 2020 presidential election.

Democrats, and many Republican Party leaders, highlight alleged Trump corruption cases. However, they rarely mention cases that have not been refuted. Establishment figures, RINOs among them, say the former president weakened US institutions. However, they fail to present conclusive evidence to support their arguments. These groups mainly use propaganda and exaggeration, including the false narrative that Trump supported the so-called January 6, 2021, insurrection.

Although some US institutions did deteriorate after Trump’s electoral campaign and entry into office in 2017, this is the fault of leaders of both Democrat and Republican parties, officials of the State and Justice departments, US intelligence agencies, and Barack Obama’s and Joe Biden’s preceding administration. All these parties breached professional ethics to undermine a legitimate government.

Trump’s Worst Sin

Trump, alongside Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford, did not start a new war or armed conflict while in office. He also confronted the US federal bureaucracy’s hegemony over state activities. This hegemony persists due to the collusion of the Democrat and Republican parties, which feed off the military-industrial complex’s perverse businesses. The complex lives off constant war and intervention abroad.

Trump was the first president to take office while identifying the backbone of political power in the United States.

Former President Dwight Eisenhower, supreme allied commander in Europe during World War II, had already warned about this unjustified power inside the US state. On January 17, 1961, during his presidential farewell speech, Eisenhower contended that the United States had never had a big military power nor an economy that could support it before World War II:

“We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

In a 2016 Republican debate, Trump said that former President George W. Bush had lied to start a second war in Iraq. Back then, it was unimaginable for a Republican candidate to say that about a former president from his own party. Further, Trump has criticized other NATO members, such as Germany, for not spending the agreed 2 percent of GDP on national defense and for purchasing energy from Russia instead of the United States.

Opposition on Multiple Fronts

The federal bureaucracy and the Democrats strongly criticized Trump. Colluding with their legacy-media allies, the Democrats promoted the narrative that Trump was a xenophobe because he wanted to enforce existing immigration laws. In fact, multiple Democrats such as Biden voted in favor of these policies. Meanwhile, the Republican Party has always sought the support of economic sectors that benefit from illegal immigrants’ cheap manpower.

The leadership that opposes Trump has been bipartisan. Hillary Clinton, for example, partly financed the fake report that concluded that Trump was a Russian agent. Many Republicans were also involved in funding this report. The late Republican Senator John McCain handed the report to the FBI, only for them to commit multiple illicit acts such as leaking a classified memo.

Knowing that Republican leaders will not stop them, Democrats feel emboldened enough to frivolously accuse a US ex-president. Trying to stop Trump at any cost, Democrats are threatening the country’s political institutions while the world is watching.

Democracy infers that, at any given time, a non-ideal candidate can take office. Democracy tolerates that, and institutions are the backbone that supports democracy. This is what the United States has now sacrificed due to the irresponsible acts of those opposing Trump.

This country is no longer the world’s leading example of democracy due to the mistakes of its politicians, not Trump’s mistakes. The unity of the country’s ruling class for a desperate common cause is making US institutions similar to those of a Third World nation.

The history books will forget about Trump, but they will remember the incompetents that make up the US political class.

Nicholas Virzi

Nicholas Virzi is dean of the ASTRA Institute for Leadership and Governance.

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