Agustín Etchebarne: Javier Milei Is a Game-Changer (Spanish)

Argentines Can Reject Peronismo in Presidential Election

Agustín Etchebarne: Javier Milei Is a Game-Changer

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For Agustín Etchebarne—director at the Freedom and Progress Foundation—Argentines have the opportunity to change the country’s course in the October 2023 presidential election. He explains how Javier Milei’s rise, as a classical-liberal economist and presidential candidate, will take votes from both the Peronistas and the Mauricio Macri-led opposition. Either way, there will most likely be a runoff between the final two candidates.

Etchebarne asserts that the next president, if he manages to reduce public spending, will face stiff opposition from crony-oriented lobbies and the media. He also contends that Argentines perceive the economic crisis as the country’s chief policy challenge. However, increasing crime is a second priority for citizens.

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Mauro Echeverría

Mauro Echeverría is Econ Americas’ deputy editor. He holds a BA in international relations with minors in political science and anthropology from the San Francisco University of Quito. Mauro leads the research on local economic development at the Ecuadorian think tank Libre Razón.

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