Impeachment of Guatemalan Prosecutor Is Step towards Dictatorship

Threats from Executive Demonstrate Arrogance, Assumed Foreign Backing

Impeachment of Guatemalan prosecutor is step towards dictatorship. Threats from executive demonstrate arrogance, assumed foreign backing.

The Guatemalan executive branch's efforts to halt the ongoing investigations of the PGO were to be expected. (Flickr)

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The Guatemalan executive branch’s efforts to halt the ongoing investigations of the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) were to be expected. The PGO is unraveling irregularities from the first round of elections and illegalities committed in the registration of the Semilla Movement political party. This process stands in the way of Semilla and the executive taking full control of Congress.

Similarly, the request by the Inspector General’s Office for the impeachment of Prosecutor General Consuelo Porras is not surprising. The statements shared by President Bernardo Arévalo and Presidential Secretary Gerardo Guerrero threaten those who disagree with them and should be a red flag.

What is Guerrero referring to when he says this is one of several executive actions against “corrupt” agents who oppose the rule of law? Do Arévalo and Guerrero plan to file criminal actions against those citizens opposing and pointing out the corruption of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal? Do Arévalo and Guerrero intend to instill fear and silence everyone’s opinion? They appear to be pursuing a power grab through laws that will give them full control over all government agencies.

The executive seems to believe it cannot lose this battle for—even without supporting legal documentation—since it trusts that foreign allies will pressure the judges. Should this not work, the executive can blame the so-called pacto de corruptos for not allowing them to govern. The next step will be requesting Congress to authorize the executive to restrict constitutional guarantees to “guarantee the stability of the state institutions,” as stated by the Public Order Act.

Should it achieve its objective, the executive—under the pretext of saving the country from corruption—will carry out the duties of the three state branches. This means establishing a dictatorship like that of Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua.

Carlos Torrebiarte

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