The Impunity Observer envisions an immediate increase in security in Guatemala that will benefit that country’s rural peasants, abandoned by their government and living under the arbitrary control of armed gangs descended from the internal armed struggle of 1960–1996. Prudent reforms toward the rule of law will enable the government, with the aid of a grateful population, to control the flow of people through their territory. The success of this will not only reduce the flow of illegal immigrants through the jumping off point to the United States, it will provide a model for other countries.

The central tenet of the unexpected candidacy and victory of Donald Trump was ending big-business and big-government collusion to unleash the potential of the Americans to create wealth through competition, as opposed to limiting it through crony capitalism. Latin American countries have the same problem to a much greater degree; therefore, the same solution would produce even much greater positive results than in the United States.

The increased security the Guatemalan rural peasants clamor for should be accompanied by administrative decentralization, strengthened property rights for all people, and competition based on price and quality of goods and services, as opposed to limited competition through crony capitalism — the prevalent system throughout Latin America despite whatever label a government might have. Empowerment of the individual rather than the collective, within the rule of legitimate law, will unleash human potential and produce healthier, more prosperous societies and good neighbors.

With these principles and structures, these societies would become models for what made America great and what must happen to make her great again.