Brothers from Time to Time is the true story of a family’s experiences in the Cuban revolution. The elder Rivero is a journalist who flees Cuba when Fidel Castro abolishes its free press. Younger brother Adolfo Rivero becomes a leader in Castro’s regime. As soon as elder brother Emi Rivero sees that the regime is becoming a tyranny, he tries to overthrow it. Emi is captured and Adolfo recommends he be executed. Instead, Emi gets 30 years in jail. Adolfo himself is purged and imprisoned. As soon as both brothers are out of Cuba, they reconcile. This is history on a grand scale, with a powerful emotional impact.


“David Landau has written a riveting account of Cuba’s Communist revolution, told through the eyes of two brothers who began on opposite sides of the political barricades. Both intimate and revealing, Brothers is an indispensable guide to the catastrophe that followed, and by extension to the Bernie Sanders left which hopes to make socialist Cuba a model for America’s future.”

–David Horowitz, author of Radical Son

“In Brothers, David Landau, a veteran observer of Cuban and Latin American affairs, tells a big story by focusing on a small cast: two brothers and the people and events that touched their lives… Mr. Landau provides a lucid narrative thread weaving their lives into the turbulent times they lived through.

–Aram Bakshian Jr., a former aide to Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan

Read the complete Washington Times review, “Cuba’s answer to The Brothers Karamazov,” written by Aram Bashkian Jr. 


About the Author

A graduate of Harvard College, where he edited the daily Crimson, David Landau published at age 22 a book on Henry Kissinger that has become a classic. He has worked for three decades on Cuban and Latin American matters.


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