Cuban Regime Cannot Refute Rosa María Payá

Democracy Advocate Receives Ad Hominem Verbal Spray

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Rosa María Payá, founder of nonprofit Cuba Decide and daughter of assassinated Cuban political dissident Oswaldo Payá, took the floor on the last day of the examination of Cuba by the UN Human Rights Council. Her petition was simple: expel Cuba from the council. A Cuban official responded by attacking her character, but he said nothing in response to her summary of the regime’s activities.

The Impunity Observer reached out to Payá to learn firsthand what motivated her speech. In addition to broad and consistent violations of human rights on the island, Payá stressed that Cuba has been an instrumental partner to Russia during the invasion of Ukraine.

Over 2,000 Cuban youth are serving with the Russian front in Ukraine, and the regime forbids young males to leave the island without permission. Moreover, the dictatorship has been echoing Russia Today’s programming—bypassing sanctions—and broadcasting it worldwide.

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