The Manipulation of Guatemala’s History (Spanish)

Progressives, Conservatives Twist Historical Facts for Political Gain

historia de Guatemala

IO Podcast | Episodio 3

La historia de Guatemala y Centroamérica es un campo de batalla cultural entre conservadores y progresistas, principalmente. Carlos Sabino y María Lorena Castellanos, historiadores y catedráticos en universidades guatemaltecas, explican cómo estos grupos tergiversan sucesos como la colonización, la independencia, los conflictos armados y los gobiernos dictatoriales para fines políticos e ideológicos.

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Paz Gómez

Paz Gómez is an Econ Americas analyst and a widely published economic commentator. Based in Quito, she leads the firm’s office in Ecuador. She holds an MS in digital currency and blockchain from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, and a BA in international relations and political science from San Francisco University of Quito. She is a cofounder and the academic coordinator of Libre Razón, a classical-liberal think tank in Quito, Ecuador. Follow @mpazgomezm.

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