Costa Ricans Pick Their Socialist Poison in Presidential Runoff

Juan Diego Sánchez Contends Leftists Win Either Way

IO Podcast|Episode 6

The Costa Rican presidential elections held on February 6 had a record-breaking 25 candidates amid major government corruption scandals. Juan Diego Sánchez, PhD, a lawyer, professor, and columnist explains the political situation in Costa Rica. Furthermore, he analyzes the electoral process, corruption cases, and the April 3, 2022 runoff election between Figueres and Chaves.

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Mauro Echeverría

Mauro Echeverría is Econ Americas’ deputy editor. He holds a BA in international relations with minors in political science and anthropology from the San Francisco University of Quito. Mauro leads the research on local economic development at the Ecuadorian think tank Libre Razón.

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