Dan Runde: The United States Must Use Soft Power to Counter China

Communist Party Rise in Latin America Is Redrawing Geopolitical Landscape

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For Daniel Runde—director of the Project on Prosperity and Development at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)—the Chinese regime has met infrastructure and economic demands that US aid to Latin America has overlooked. He warns that China seeks global dominance in economic spheres, with negative implications for Western values.


Runde, author of The American Imperative: Reclaiming Global Leadership through Soft Power (2023), contends that China’s ballooning presence in Latin America portends significant changes in power dynamics worldwide. He also asserts the United States has not been reciprocal with Guatemala, one of the US most steadfast allies that still recognizes Taiwan.

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Fergus Hodgson

Publisher: Fergus Hodgson is the director of Econ Americas, a financial and economic consultancy. He holds an MBA in finance from Rice University and bachelor’s degrees in economics and political science from Boston University and the University of Waikato. He was the founding editor in chief of the PanAm Post. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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