Chile’s Republican Party Founder Seeks Citizen Unity (Spanish)

Congresswoman Chiara Barchiesi Offers Path Forward after Failed Constitutional Process

Chile’s Republican Party founder seeks citizen unity. She contends that the Republican Party will work for the people and their problems.

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Chiara Barchiesi—Chilean congresswoman and founder of the Republican Party—explains that citizens rejected the previous constitutional draft because it ignored the country’s reality and key principles such as the rule of law. She contends that the Republican Party—which has 22 of 51 advisers that will write the new constitutional draft—will work for the people and their problems.

Barchiesi, who was elected when she was 24 years old, says the Republican Party is open to negotiations with leftist parties during the ongoing constitutional process. On the other hand, she contends there are principles such as freedom and private property that cannot be dismissed. Barchiesi adds that the Gabriel Boric administration lied to Chileans during the electoral campaign and they are realizing it.

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Mauro Echeverría

Mauro Echeverría is Econ Americas’ deputy editor. He holds a BA in international relations with minors in political science and anthropology from the San Francisco University of Quito. Mauro leads the research on local economic development at the Ecuadorian think tank Libre Razón.

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