Open Letter: The Truth about Guatemala’s Constitutional Crisis

Pelosi Allies Want US Policy to Undermine Rule of Law

Pelosi Visit Guatemala

The absence of the CICIG impedes the Pelosi group from forcing its preferred magistrates on us. (Guateideal)

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Guatemala City, August 3, 2020

The Honorable Mitch McConnell
Senate Majority Leader
US Senate
Washington, DC

The Honorable Kevin McCarthy
House Minority Leader
US House of Representatives
Washington, DC

Dear Leaders McConnell and McCarthy:

We the undersigned are a group of individuals and civic organizations representing more than 1.4 million Guatemalans. We are concerned about a letter circulating in Guatemala from an anti-democratic group (Pelosi group) of our countrymen to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It urges her to intercede with the State Department to “restore a strong bipartisan policy toward Guatemala.” The real intent of the Orwellian letter is to enlist congressional support for policies that will greatly harm the United States and Guatemala.

The Pelosi group claims corrupt forces regained control of our high courts after the expulsion of the UN Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG). Further, they say the forces exercise control over our congress and “have repeatedly postponed” the appointment of new magistrates to our high courts.

A recent interview details in a purely legal manner the current dispute. A highlight is three Constitutional Court (CC) magistrates sitting in judgement of themselves—an act universally forbidden in the world of law. We invite you to arrange an independent study of the issues in which all parties are able to contribute.

The Wall Street Journal, National Review, and Helsinki Commission in 2018 identified the CICIG as conspiring with Russia against refugees from Vladimir Putin’s persecution. Judicial Watch reported the Colombian CICIG commissioner was aligned with “the FARC, the violent Marxist guerrilla.” The absence of the CICIG impedes the Pelosi group from forcing its preferred magistrates on us.

The Pelosi group refers to US policy but omits the actions of the Obama administration. President Barack Obama’s officials illegally forced Claudia Paz y Paz, whose name appears on the letter to Pelosi, onto our government as prosecutor general. Despite Obama pressure, the nominating commission omitted Paz y Paz from consideration for reappointment. They had documentary evidence that she had illegally instructed prosecutors to favor usurpers of private property.

Former Ambassador Todd Robinson and the CICIG intimidated members of our Congress into appointing his candidate to the CC in 2016. The CC has since issued many illegal rulings, including in the current controversy. They and the US ambassador are responsible for the delay in judicial appointments.

The so-called smear campaigns against “independent judges,” to which the Pelosi group’s letter refers, are constitutionally mandated efforts to apply the law to CC magistrates. The interview linked above explains the public record. We urge you to independently investigate this constitutional crisis.

The Pelosi group falsely portray themselves as trying to correctly apply the law, and they portray their opponents as corrupt. Meanwhile, they leave no space for the rule of law, and their policies keep our borders open for transnational criminals. We ask you to hold hearings to establish the truth about our country during the last 10 years. If you do not, we urge you not to work against our and your interests by supporting the Pelosi group’s corruption.


Asociación Cívica Liga ProPatria

Asociación de Veteranos Militares de Guatemala (Avemilgua)

Guatemala Inmortal

Asociación ProReforma del Estado

Asociación para la Defensa de la Propiedad Privada (Acdepro)

Guatemala Soberana

Mujeres Conservadoras

Laicos Católicos

Guatemaltecos de Corazón

Iniciativa 5377 Reconciliación Nacional

Asociación de Viudas de Militares por Guatemala (Asovigua)

Asociación de Victimas del Terrorismo (Asovicter)

Dr. Armando De la Torre, former Jesuit priest, prefect of studies at the Latin American Seminary in the Vatican, PhD in philosophy University of Munich, Germany, Dean of Graduate School of Social Sciences at Francisco Marroquin University, Guatemala

Dr. José Luis González, PhD in law specializing in Human Rights and Defense of Constitutional Order, journalist with the National Press Circle, former professor of constitutional law

Marta Altolaguirre, attorney, former president of the Interamerican Commission of Human Rights

Fernando Linares, attorney, former member of Congress and the Constituent Assembly

Fritz Thomas, PhD

Giovanni Fratti, attorney and journalist

Captain Óscar Platero, historian and author

Betty Marroquín, businesswoman, independent political analyst, former conservative VP Candidate

Cristy López Ibáñez, columnist

José Urrutia, attorney

Alfred Kaltschmitt, journalist



T.H. James Risch, United States Senator
T.H. Marco Rubio, United States Senator
T.H. Ron Johnson, United States Senator
T.H. Cory Gardner, United States Senator
T.H. Mitt Romney, United States Senator
T.H. Lindsey Graham, United States Senator
T.H. John Barrasso, United States Senator
T.H. Rob Portman, United States Senator
T.H. Rand Paul, United States Senator
T.H. Todd Young, United States Senator
T.H. Ted Cruz, United States Senator
T.H. David Perdue, United States Senator
T.H. Mike Lee, United States Senator
T.H. Roger Wicker, United States Senator
T.H. James Lankford, United States Senator
T.H. Marsha Blackburn, United States Senator
T.H. Michael McCaul, United States Representative
T.H. Christopher Smith, United States Representative
T.H. Steve Chabot, United States Representative
T.H. Joe Wilson, United States Representative
T.H. Scott Perry, United States Representative
T.H. Ted Yoho, United States Representative
T.H. Adam Kinzinger, United States Representative
T.H. Lee Zeldin, United States Representative
T.H. Jim Sensenbrenner, United States Representative
T.H. Ann Wagner, United States Representative
T.H. Brian Mast, United States Representative
T.H. Francis Rooney, United States Representative
T.H. Brian Fitzpatrick, United States Representative
T.H. John Curtis, United States Representative
T.H. Ken Buck, United States Representative
T.H. Ron Wright, United States Representative
T.H. Guy Reschenthaler, United States Representative
T.H. Tim Burchett, United States Representative
T.H. Greg Pence, United States Representative
T.H. Michael Guest, United States Representative
T.H. Mario Diaz Ballart, United States Representative
T.H. Devin Nunes, United States Representative
T.H. Jim Jordan, United States Representative
T.H. Mauricio Claver-Carone, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director of the United States National Security Council’s Western Hemisphere Affairs
T.H. Michael G. Kozak, Acting Assistant Secretary Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs

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