How to Save Our Republic from Democrat Totalitarianism

The Deep State Hides behind Lies, Refuses to Acknowledge Wrongdoing

How to Save Our Republic from Democrat Totalitarianism. The federal bureaucracy will undermine a Republican president, as it did Trump.

The federal bureaucracy will undermine a Republican president, as it did Trump. (Wikimedia)

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Representative Ana Paulina Luna’s (R-FL) resolution censuring Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) exposed Democrats’ totalitarian, ends-justify-the-means actions.

The Democrat (and media partner) reaction to the Durham report and Biden bribery scandal confirms the totalitarian assault on the United States and offers insights into how to save our democratic republic. The Democrat Party denies reality and relentlessly pursues a radical collectivist agenda that, if successful, will render our Constitution useless and lead to a tyrannical government.

Federal Bureaucracy Undermined Trump, Facilitated Biden Presidency

The Mueller Report, despite its ardent intent, found no evidence Donald Trump had colluded with Russia. The newly released Durham Report has found there was no basis for the FBI/DOJ investigation of Trump-Russia collusion. Schiff abused his position of trust on the House Intelligence Committee, including while chairing it (2019–2023). He stated numerous times in public that he “had evidence of collusion.” Schiff said it was “in plain sight” and was “more significant than Watergate.”

On August 3, 2016, CIA Director John Brennan met in the White House Situation Room with President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, FBI Director James Comey, and other senior administration officials. Brennan briefed them regarding Hillary Clinton’s plan “to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security services,” according to the Durham Report.

Team Obama used Clinton’s false Russia-collusion narrative to subvert our democratic republic and keep Trump from the presidency. After they failed, their deep-state partners worked hard to undermine Trump. Schiff joined by abusing his congressional position to spread Clinton’s lie.

The FBI has had evidence regarding Hunter Biden’s gun and tax problems since 2018, regarding which he has just been charged. Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova said the five-year delay is “an unprecedented amount of time for such a simple case.”

In 2020, the FBI created an informant file of a report initially made in 2017 about Joe and Hunter Biden in Ukraine. It alleges the pair took $10 million in bribes from the owner of Burisma Holdings to advocate for firing the prosecutor investigating the company. In 2018 at the Council of Foreign relations Biden boasted about having successfully used $1 billion of taxpayer dollars as leverage to have the prosecutor fired.

The FBI informant file mentions two tapes of conversations between Joe Biden and 13 tapes of conversations between Hunter Biden and a “foreign national” about the scheme. House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer said a “reason the FBI did not have the tapes is they never attempted to get the tapes.”

Democrats Deny the Undeniable, Promote Subversion

Democrat use of the Russia-collusion fabrication severely damaged our country in various ways. However, no Democrat or regime media partner lamented or apologized for the damage, and they still deny their lie even after it has been absolutely debunked.

Every Democrat present for the censure resolution voted against it. When Speaker Kevin McCarthy tried to read it to Schiff, Democrats surrounded McCarthy and chanted “shame” for about five minutes. Democrats cheered Schiff, who said to Republicans “You honor me with your enmity; you flatter me with this falsehood.”

This Democrat unanimity despite the overwhelming, undeniable evidence against Schiff is emblematic of the current state of the Democrat Party. The same Democrat unanimity applies to the weaponization of the government against political opponents for which the evidence is overwhelming. Democrats act as if subversion is their right while branding as insurrectionists, MAGA extremists, or liars anyone who fails to bow to them.

Democrats Team with Media, Deep State against America

Democrats can act this way because the legacy media and federal bureaucracy are their partners in subversion. Trump was indicted on June 8 in the classified-documents case. The report came out the same day about the alleged $10 million bribe to Biden. For the next four days, ABC, CBS, and NBC dedicated 0 seconds to covering this story and 291 minutes to the Trump indictment.

To win in 2024, the Biden regime counts on its media partners to hide truth, spread lies, and demonize its enemies. Its deep-state partners also stonewall congressional investigations while congressional Democrats take deceit to a new level as they demonize their Republican counterparts.

Demonization of opponents keeps regime supporters angry, agitated, and fearful. In this state they reject facts that would lead some to understand and reject what the regime is really doing.

We Can Save Ourselves from the Assault

To recover our liberty, we must find ways to reach with facts and solid reasoning people who will or might vote Democrat and people who traditionally do not vote. The Republican-led House is exposing Biden regime criminality, but the regime strategy is holding so far. Republicans can eventually break through by continuing open investigations and expanding their efforts to other parts of the bureaucracy, such as the State Department.

The federal bureaucracy will undermine a Republican president, as it did Trump. That is if it fails to get Biden reelected and there is insufficient House exposure of federal-bureaucracy criminality. Deep investigations now would set the basis for reform in the next administration and make the federal bureaucracy conform to its constitutional role.

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